Healthcare Resources



Below are several useful resources for patient education, staff development and professional organizations


How-To guides to set up Zoom, FaceTime & Google Hangouts

From John’s Hopkins Hospital. Also available in Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic


Psychological First Aid for Frontline Healthcare Providers During Covid-19:

Dr. Melanie Joanisse, a clinical psychologist, provides a quick guide to understanding the unique challenges of healthcare providers, mindfulness, increasing relational well-being and helpful resources.


Guideline for the Point Person for Hospitalized Patients:

When a loved one is in the hospital, they will typically require one point person to communicate daily updates to. This can be very overwhelming and this guideline is designed to be a step-by-step way to organize this role.


COVID-19 Patient Education Resources for Individuals with I/DD and ASD:

The following are communication boards and websites with resources to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder with coping and emotions related to COVID-19.


US Resource List for Adult and Pediatric Palliative Care

The following are websites for national palliative care organizations and online learning modules.

Hospital Organizations Who Have Developed Family-Centered Programs

The following are hospital organizations who have successfully implemented a new communication plan to address family connectedness:

Cleveland Clinic

After months of closely monitoring the growing concerns of the rapidly spreading international COVID-19 coronavirus, it became clear in early March that Cleveland Clinic needed to take proactive measures to protect hospitalized patients, visitors and caregivers.

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