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SpeakingLife will utilize evidence based communication strategies, assistance from local nonprofits and businesses to work with healthcare leaders to give you a new or revitalized perspective on how to provide well-rounded care to your patients. A study on patient and family engagement (PFE) practices in US hospitals discovered that the most commonly reported barrier to increased PFE was ‘competing organizational priorities’.¹ This culture is commonplace in many hospital facilities and cannot be disregarded in the change process. SpeakingLife aims to stimulate thought around addressing this overlooked area of need and strategize with healthcare organizations to support the individualized needs of the team or system.

Needs assessment:


Does your organization have the resources necessary to provide all patients with technology to connect with their support system outside of your facility?


Does your organization have a system for evaluating the patient’s social, emotional and spiritual needs continually throughout their health journey at your institution?


Does your organization have a patient and family advisory board?


Does your organization have a patient experience committee where frontline staff are invited to provide input?


Does your organization value and implement evidence based practice guidelines promoting family centered care?


Does your staff feel they are poorly equipped to provide clinical care and family centered care?


Does your organization utilize an advanced planning model for patients with chronic illness?

SpeakingLife donation to help residents in assisted living:


If you have identified an area of need for your organization, contacting SpeakingLife is the first step to enacting change in your workplace. Through this interaction, SpeakingLife will provide an outsider’s perspective and expert opinion on your needs and can connect you with resources and community partnerships to improve your goals. This partnership is intended to empower your team to have a framework for promoting change in your setting that is reasonable and sustainable.

Now providing free consulting in Arizona. If you are ouside Arizona, contact us about future opportunities. 

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